Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thing 3: Flickr

Well, well, well......I thought I knew just about everything with photo sharing! I can honestly say that I've never used Flickr before, but will consider using it now. It's super simple to set-up an account and even easier to upload photos. Here are some photos I uploaded:

Thing 2: Library 2.0

Read the blog and the webpage and watched both videos. These are the things that stuck in my mind...
  • Libraries need to be RELEVANT.
  • Library spaces need to be INTERACTIVE.
  • Libraries need to provide a place for its patrons to be COLLABORATIVE.
  • The driving force in Library 2.0 is TECHNOLOGY.
  • Librarians need to rethink how they spend their budgets...purchases should be USABLE.
  • As a librarian, I need to IMMERSE myself into today's techonological world.

My personal conclusion: As a librarian, I am interactive, collaborative, and creative. I do immerse myself into technology and I work hard to provide usable materials and technologies to my patrons; however, technology is an ever-changing thing and I need to "keep up with the Joneses" by jumping into what's coming...Web 3.0...hence, another reason why I joined the 23 Things Movement.

Thing 1: Blogger's Delight

This will actually be my second blog, but I'm excited to begin the 23 Things journey with you! I am looking forward to growing in the Web 2.0 world and incorporating what I've learned into my daily activities and lessons with my students and teachers. This should keep me busy this summer!