Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thing 11: WITP with IM?

This thing is all about IM or Instant Messaging. I'm personally NOT a fan of it, although I do use some shortcuts (as I call them) when I'm texting (only because you can only use so many characters per text.) I've used it with Yahoo IM and it just seems so infantile. I think I'm pretty up with the times and IM is just not that cool to me. I remember the first time someone used the shortcut WTF and I was like....what the heck does that mean? I quickly figured it out. I have actaully heard people use IM lingo when they're actually speaking to people. It just ain't right. :) I do not forsee using it in my library, although there is a book series that is written in text that many tweens and teens seem to enjoy:

I think it would be way too hard to follow and I wouldn't be able to keep up with the storyline (if there is one.)

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