Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thing 15: Digg into popular news!

So this is what I know about Digg:
  • social

  • popularity of the news articles/videos/images are solely based on viewer's discretion and NOT media
  • news is interesting, informative (?), and unusual
  • easy to "digg" into

  • definitely not something I have the time to sign up for

So in my perusal of Digg, the articles/videos that were most popular ranged from most Americans in agreement that the media spent way too much time on Michael Jackson's untimely death and not enough on Farrah's from finding just the right night light for that child who's afraid of the dark ;).

I also loved this old cover from Life magazine entitled: A Squirrel's Guide to Fashion

And this clip from Gizmodo: The Seven Types of Employees You Meet at Best Buy

Some really funny stuff here...just not enough time to play :)

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