Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thing 8 & 9: Facebook

This is old hat for me....I've been on Facebook for decades! (Okay maybe just for the past year or so....) It was very simple to create my profile and my photos and invite friends. I quickly sent invitations to all of my family members and girlfriends as a way to keep in touch easily since most are always on or near a computer. A few of my family members (namely my brother) use FB, but is leery of posting anything personal about himself or his family (as are many folk, I believe)....but not me. I share photos of my family (names omitted) and specifically tag them with PRIVACY options that state only my friends can view them. I think security will always be something to be concerned about, especially on the Internet, but I like the way FB has the varied options of levels of security.
I use FB primarily to chat with old and current friends or reconnect with loved ones. I admit, I am addicted. I like to see what people are doing, saying, and taking photos of. I comment on many, but not all posts. I guess one could deem FB as to impersonal (usually my older family members) as you are communicating through the computer and not over the phone, but hey....I'm still communicating, right? (And I do make the weekly phone calls!)
FB has SO MANY applications....sometimes I find myself ignoring the majority of the invitations for them. There are too many to keep track of. I do love the quizzes though...they can be so addicting! I also love the games! Again....addicting.....I see a pattern here!
As for any other issues....I've heard several comments that viruses are added to weird places on your computer due to FB....not sure how valid those allegations are, but I suppose it's possible.

I'm ADDICTED....I am chatting with someone and checking new posts as I blog...that could be really bad! :)

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