Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thing 19: Google Docs

So, I've been playing around with Google Docs today and have discovered a few things:
  1. I love being able to create a Word doc. online and share immediately...thus saving my hard drive from multiple copies of the same document; however, I miss the various fonts to choose from.
  2. The presentation feature was nice and easy to use, but again a little limited on choices to "beef it up."
  3. Upon creating my spreadsheet, I came to realize that I prefer the Excel version better. I really didn't like that I couldn't change my row height simultaneously. I like being able to right click and change the pt. right away, instead of having to use the arrow bar to expand the rows.
  4. I didn't finish the reminded me a lot of SurveyMonkey, which I use on a regular basis and probably will continue to use.
  5. All in all, using Google Docs was quick and painless....and I really like that it's all done online!

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