Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thing 20: You Tube

Guess how long I've already been viewing videos on You Tube? Just about FOREVER! :)
So I checked out some library sponsored events as recommended and found a few notable ones:

From State Library Association Sessions-Book Cart Drill Team Competitions

Palm Beach Library Cart Attacks

California Girls

Biblioflies (TLA 2008 Champions!) HILARIOUS!


An ad for using the public library (like the MasterCard commercials)
I could see doing something like this for the community...showing them what your library has to offer. I might be able to do this for my students as well...maybe advertising the cool library programs or hot new picks.

Why come to the library? (I LOVE THIS ONE!)
What a great way to motivate kids to come to the library.....use them to talk about the bloopers, too!

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